Promising/Youngster Live


Several Roots / Sin Hilo. Es

Promising/Youngster is a new project by Diego Cadierno which blends IDM, Downtempo, Ambient and Shoegaze. In his live shows he develops a rhythmic progression born out of more horizontal patterns such as downtempo or idm, to reach a hybrid of house, techno and low speed acid. Everything is played with multiple hardware instruments.

The first EP from this project was released by Sofa Tunes, including remixes by Pina, Skygaze, Crisopa, Logical Disorder and Adhesive (plus a collaboration with Supercinexcene). Shortly afterwards, Envy Music releases his second EP, with a remix by Fernando Lagreca. On December 2018 he signs the fourth reference by Sin Hilo Records, a vinyl reinforced with remixes by Julien Mier, Ylia and Reykjavik606. On early 2019 he contributes to a compilation Nebulae Records.



Plaza Matadero

Sunday 20

Session 3

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