Shoeg: Infiltrate Live Av

Shoeg: Infiltrate Live Av


Shoeg, the project by sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell, lays stress on the symbiotic relationship between individuals and technology. He experiments with the latter (recycling it to develop new tools) in order to create different perceptions of reality where movement, image and sound are intertwined.

Shoeg’s visual discourse, exposed in several albums and EPs) originates from virtual worlds created from 3D scans and video game engines such as Unity’s.

This work is about the access to the subconscious mind through senses, microscopic practices that create spaces apparently controlled by the interstices of the muscle of reason, which activate instinctive mechanisms that work as a Trojan horse.

The performance presents a system as a composition, a study on the ethics and aesthetics of the interstice, which captures data in real time. Humanity slips through the rigid code, in the same way the perception of our environment slips through our organism.



Cineteca (Plató)

Saturday 19

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