Terrenos de Juego [2] (short films)

Terrenos de Juego [2]

After going beyond the borders of mere entertainment, video games have established themselves as a contemporary artistic form of expression. And, because of that, they have a room in VORTEX.

Throughout two sessions of short films created recently, and under the title Terrenos de Juego (“Game Fields”), VRTX will investigate the interconnection born out of the languages of video games and cinema, paying special attention to the aesthetics and narrative aspects of this hybridization.

Projects such as Martin Pleure, a truly beautiful story created out of a Grand Theft Auto playing session, or 489 Annes, deal with the specific theme of war games and violence, whereas other short films such as Hyperreality, Plastic Garden, Swatted, Ugly or Fest show us a horrifying, dystopian future, born out of the video game universe and also platforms as youtube, which dangerously blends with the real world.


Free access to screenings of short films Terrenos de Juego 2  at Sala Azcona (Cineteca) 

Tickets can be picked up at Cineteca’s box office on the same day, from one hour before the session starts (Two tickets maximum per person. Limited capacity).

Friday: 18:30h   Saturday: 13:00 and 19:00h 

There is also the fantastic teaser for Everything, the video game by David O’Reilly which allow us to create our own world from the infinitesimal and tiniest elements to the moment life appears in our planet and its subsequent evolution, all narrated by Alan Watts and with a soundtrack by Lukas Ben Boysen (Hecq).


Swatted Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis. Francia, 2018.

The Plastic Garden Ip Yuk- Yiu. China 2013.

Fest Nikita Diakur. Alemania, 2018.

Kids Michael Frei. Suiza, 2019.

489 annes Hayoun Kwon. Francia, 2016.

Alan Warbuton. Uk, 2012.



Sala Azcona. (Cineteca)