Vortex is the new section of L.E.V Matadero Festival dedicated to hybrid projects born in the crossroads of cinema, arts and technology, video games and electronic creations. Nave 0 and Cineteca Madrid will host immersive experiences such as VR installations, a Virtual Reality cinema, screenings and performances that use the World Wide Web as a work tool in real time.

Curated by L.E.V. with the support of several international institutions, Vortex will showcase a group of works halfway between cinema, arts, technology, thinking, video games and electronic creations, which make use of very different technologies to generate virtual worlds and to open doors to new ones.

Audiovisual explorations and live experiments at Cineteca Madrid

Vortex will pay special attention to works created by Canadian artists included in Focus Quebec, such as Eternity Be Kind, a collective experience by Myriam Bleau and the digital avatar LaTurbo Avedon which suggests a different future of representation, both in musical and personal terms, halfway between hyperpop and mythical symbolism with some baroque touches; Membrane, by Push1stop &Wiklow, is a generative creation, something between a performance and an AV installation, that works as an optical illusion to redefine our perception of light and space; and the retrofuturistic performance Imaginary Optics I & II by Maxim Corbeil-Perron, where a powerful immersive experience is created through stereoscopic anaglyphs (the 3D glasses everybody knows).

Recsun, alias of Clifford Sage, a member of the Quantum Natives collective and regular collaborator of artists from Somerset House Studios such as Lawrence Lek or Werkflow, will showcase his project Tuner, about the construction of virtual worlds in real time. Glad Scientist will present Intersect, a performance where all audiovisual elements are controlled by a single instrument: a VR headset that adopts the perspective of a nanobot while traversing a human neural network. Finally, access to the subconscious mind through senses is the origin of Infiltrate Live av, the new audiovisual live project by Shoeg.

Combining the beats of her acoustic drum kit with her digital creations, Rrucculla (Bilbao) will play an audiovisual live set full of experimentation and jazz influences, pop-infused melodies, compressed noises and visual collages. Another AV format will bring us the premiere of Dead Skin Cells, collaboration between Kamikaze Space Programme and visual artist Geso (Madrid), where KSP’s tense atmospheres blend with Geso’s visual imaginary, generating collisions of glitches, noise and 3D abstractions. Zone W/O People is an original creation by Oklou and Krampf, a video game with a soundtrack also written by them, where the traditional show concept turns into an unusual live experience through a game played in real time.



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