Yro. Triangles Irascibles


      L.E.V brings 56 FICX a Live Cinema show by multidisciplinary artist Yro

      Triangles Irascibles is a unique cinematic experience.  Alone on stage, Yro creates all of the film live, thanks to the handling of photographs in front of cameras connected to a software that he has previously programmed. Original or derived from family archives, these photographs are reinterpreted, and through this handling become either fragile, distant, intimate… The performance is driven by an original music composed by Erwan Raguenes, Yro also interpreting part of the soundtrack live, using various instruments and sound effects. Haunted by synesthesia, in which every sound is translated in geometric thought, Yro explores in this new project his connection to family.

      Eile Blanchard, known as Yro, is a multidisciplinary visual artist who lives and works in Paris. He is at the crossroads of video, music and installation, making new technologies and low-tech coexist in order to create a sombre, monochrome and geometric universe. He is artist in residence at Mains d’Oeuvres in Saint Ouen, a place for artistic imagination and citizenship. He especially works with Sati, Transforma, Bernard Szajner, Pierce Warnecke…



      Sunday 18 Nov


      Teatro de la Laboral

      Caja Escénica

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