AVLab Medialab-Prado: Moritz Simon Geist and Enrique Tomas

      AVLab: Moritz Simon Geist and Enrique Tomás.

      Sp / De

      A collaboration with the sixth AVLab encounter under the title El gesto y la automatización (Gesture and automation), with the presence of engineer, musician and musicologist Moritz Simon Geist and audiovisual artist Enrique Tomás.

      These two artists’ creative work is really influenced by gestures; they may be human gestures construed as a creative interface, which are transformed into sound and moving images in the performance “Moments of transition” by Enrique Tomas, or automated gestures generated by algorithms, which serve as a playground for a futuristic sound creation, in the case of Moritz Geist.

      Moritz Geist will host a workshop on Sonic Robots.




      Medialab Prado

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