Veranos de la Villa: Chassol



      Christophe Chassol is an incredibly original French pianist, composer, arranger and music director of Antillean origin. His compositions integrate voices, music, sounds and images, creating audiovisual pieces that are complete sensory experiences. In this performance he will present two very different pieces which have become classics in his repertoire.

      In Six Pianos he uses the piano and keyboards to reinterpret Steve Reich’s piece by the same name, breaking down and blending fragments from the original score with the audio from an interview with the American composer, transmuted into rhythmic and melodious patterns.

      The second piece, Big Sun, is the result of a trip to Martinique, where his family is originally from and where he filmed scenes of everyday island life. He used them to create an Impressionist documentary that he later set to music, blending the sounds of the city, of animals and of people’s voices with the sound of keyboards, classical piano and jazz percussion and wind instruments. It’s a gift to the senses that makes an impression everywhere it goes.

      In collaboration with Veranos de la Villa and Matadero Madrid – Centre for Contemporary Creation




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