Lucie Antunes: Sergeï Live

Friday 23, 9 pm.
Teatro Jovellanos

In this double session at Teatro Jovellanos, French drummer and percussionist Lucie Antunes will perform her album Sergeï, an authentic explosion of joy with which she invites us to recover our inner child.

The album is a tour de force of eclectic music that leaves the listener amazed, almost hooked up in Lucie’s magnetic spiral of sounds. The eclecticism that pervades Sergeï is shown by Lucie’s ability to create labyrinths of sounds through the use of unconventional instruments such as marimba, vibraphones, celesta, tubular balls, glockenspiel and ondes Martenot.

The seven tracks are a statement of freedom. The same childish freedom that we run behind and that we desperately seek. With Sergeï, Lucie achieves her freedom and builds on the artist that she is, with no compromises but the determined ambition to break the boundaries, shake genres and make eyes smile.


Lucie Antunes is a classically & contemporary-trained drummer and percussionist, inspired by the pioneers of minimalism. She owns the unique ability to understand sounds in a way that a lot of people cannot and to prove it, she works with no musical objects with the desire to create new sound materials. In 2013, the young artist turned to pop music and found herself propelled center stage alongside Moodoid, Aquaserge, Yuksek, Susheela Raman. Since 2015 she has been creating electro-acoustic pieces, directing her shows in which she expresses all her multidisciplinary and versatile artistry through the use of contemporary forms of live performance in collaboration with choreographers, performers, and musicians.