Jason Sharp

Saturday, April 30
Teatro de la Laboral

Montréal saxophonist and electroacoustic composer Jason Sharp will present in L.E.V. Festival his third work on Constellation, The Turning Centre Of A Still World, in the form of a full visual album created with experimental filmmaker Guillaume Vallée.

This is Sharp’s first purely solo record and his most lucid, poignant, integral work to date. An interplay strictly bounded by his own body, his acoustic instrument, and his evolving bespoke electronic system, in a singular sonic exploration of human-machine calibration, interaction, expression and biofeedback.

Using saxophones, foot-controlled bass pedals, and his own pulse – patched through a heart monitor routed to variegated signal paths that trigger modular synthesizers and samplers – Sharp paints with organic waves of glistening synthesis, pink noise and digitalia.

In this performance, ornately abstract textural imagery forged from hand-processed and hand-painted Super8 film painstakingly edited by Vallée allows Sharp’s masterful and mesmerizing new music to occupy center stage while unfolding it into a sublime optical dimension.