Spime.Im: Zero av

Friday April 29
Teatro de la Laboral

«There is no way to shorten the present, this big suspension, and now we are forced to face it. We are living in ZERO time, and by definition it does not have a known duration.» – SPIME.IM

Turin-based media art collective SPIME.IM will perform live at Teatro de la Laboral with their latest work ZERO, that sets out the cornerstones of their trajectory from crumbling glitches and breathless machine funk circa 2050 to hyper-charged synthesizers, fluorescent hardcore and vast, forceful ambient. ZERO is both SPIME.IM’s starting point, and an extrapolation of their razor-sharp debut EXALAND.

By juxtaposing Bruce Sterling’s «spime» concept with «I am», SPIME.IM are the being that is intertwined between the artificial and the natural. Their works are human-machine interactions in sound, moving image and generative graphics. They have performed at festivals like L.E.V. Matadero (Madrid), Club to Club (Turin), Rhizom (Zurich) and Spring Attitude (Rome), amongst others.