Saturday, April 30
Nave / Laboral Centro de Arte

L.E.V. Festival 2022 brings back the night program at Nave de Laboral Centro de Arte with a session on Saturday April 30, in which we will be able to enjoy an audiovisual live show by this edition’s headliner Squarepusher.

No doubt Tom Jenkinson is a highly influential artist, a leading figure that managed to create a sound world of his own. A member of the legendary Warp label (which celebrated its thirtieth birthday in 2019), the English artist and producer has recently released the remastering of his visionary album Feed Me Weird Things (1996).

At the festival, Jenkinson will present his 2020 work Be Up Hello, in which he revisits all of his vintage analog and digital hardware artillery from a new perspective that incorporates the innovation and experimentation of his previous albums, managing to reinterpret and renew the characteristic sound of his early years.