Atom™: Neuer Mensch Live Av

September 23
Nave 16. Matadero

The unclassifiable and visionary German artist Uwe Schmidt comes to L.E.V. Matadero with his project ATOM™ to present the Spanish premiere of his latest work Neuer Mensch (New Human), a relentless and visceral expression of metamorphosis, programmed, designed and mastered by an algorithm.

A projection of the meta-human horizon, Neuer Mensch is an exercise in shedding the exoskeleton. Dead tissue is torn off in radical body movements. Dead ideas are crushed by feet, dancing the dance of brutal elegance. A seductive spell of artificiality and its inherent promise of tomorrow’s bliss.

This show will be a unique opportunity to enjoy a live performance by an unpredictable artist who, since his beginnings in 1985, has gained worldwide notoriety for his wide range of releases, collaborations and musical styles.