Clara Brea: Madrid Concrete


September 25, 12 pm.
Plaza Matadero
Free access

Madrid Concrete is a sound collage of Madrid made up of field recordings of the city captured during Clara Brea‘s stay at the Matadero Artistic Residency Centre in 2021, after being selected in the 3rd edition of the open call for Women in Electronic Music.

In this piece, which we will be able to listen to for the first time at L.E.V. Matadero through wireless headphones, Clara Brea portrays and re-imagines the soundscape of Madrid to immerse the listener in the roars of its gears.

The creator from Madrid develops her work at the intersection between sound art, phonography and electronic music. Her interest in field recordings comes from the impulse of linking her musical practices to ecological and social issues, using the acoustic environment as a tool to convey her concerns and affections for the world around us.


Field recordings: Clara Brea and Juan Peralta
Composition, mixing and mastering: Clara Brea