Schnitt: White Balance Live Av

September 22
Nave 16. Matadero

Italian duo Schnitt presents at L.E.V. Matadero the world premiere of their new show White Balance. A project in which the artists apply the interpretation of data from the photographic process of white balance to the interaction between audio and video, inverting their use.

In White Balance, Schnitt transforms the video signal into a real time sound generator. On stage, four photosensitive devices react to the light pulses of four video projectors, creating the sound structure of the performance. The live show develops through the audiovisual interaction between the two artists, the electronic devices and the main screen.

With extreme audiovisual abstraction and a process of progressive subtraction, the duo searches for essential spaces purified of any superfluous element, exploring the boundary between the real and the imaginary until the threshold of nowhere.


Schnitt is a collaboration between the experimental musician Amelie Duchow and the media artist Marco Monfardini evoked from the common interest in electronic music and visual art. The duo works at the intersection between music, art and technology, with a strong focus on the cohesiveness linking audio and video. Custom-made, innovative software and electronic devices allow Schnitt to develop complex A/V installations and site-specific live performances adapted to various exhibition venues. Their use of abstract media elements, combined with their respective perceptions toward technology, creates an equilibrium between their work’s form and concept.


Artist: Schnitt
Concept and music: Marco Monfardini, Amelie Duchow
Device system and programming: EXTRAcode
Production: Sync | EXTRAsync | 2022