NeuroXcape Hybrid E-Rave 666: The Shadowbanner

January 14th
8 PM-11 PM
Free activity, on-site & online
On-site: Nave 0, Matadero Madrid. Free access until full capacity
Online: room) and

In the context of the exhibition Metaverses: Realities in Transition, Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) present NeuroXcape Hybrid E-Rave 666: The Shadowbanner, a hybrid e-rave where the virtual and the physical intertwine.

NeuroXcape is built through a series of e-raves, hybrid actions and online exhibitions in metaverses, virtual reality platforms and streaming platforms (Club Cooee, IMVU, Twitch), where attendees can interact and be part of the experience through 3D avatars juxtaposed with the physical space (meatspace).

Organised by NeuroDungeon, the hybrid e-rave NeuroXcape with the continuous folding of perspectives and POVs between Neurodungeon’s virtual room in the Club Cooee app, where there will be DJ sets by artists from different geolocations (New York, Shanghai, Warsaw and Murcia), the physical space of the Nave 0 in Matadero Madrid, where performers will play live, the streaming of it all on Twitch and the domestic places the telematic attendees inhabit.

NeuroDungeon is an electronic music and art collective formed by Bartolomé, Kaverna and YESSi PERSE. A conceptual umbrella that encompasses a speculative art movement, a fictional music genre, a potential urban tribe, an interdimensional club and a fantastic science fiction corporation. It is a representation of the emotional state of the cognitariat, the cognitive proletariat, which emphasises the physical, neurological and psychological aspects of workers involved in the networked, post-industrial, immaterial production economy. The mental dungeon whose gatekeepers are vectorialist production systems, precariousness, and cyber-feudalism.

NeuroDungeon es un colectivo artístico y de música electrónica formado por Bartolomé, Kaverna y YESSi PERSE. Un paraguas conceptual que engloba un movimiento artístico especulativo, un género musical ficticio, una tribu urbana potencial, un club interdimensional y una corporación de ciencia ficción fantástica. Es una representación del estado emocional del cognitariado, el proletariado cognitivo, que hace hincapié en los aspectos físicos, neurológicos y psicológicos de los trabajadores involucrados en la economía de red, postindustrial y de producción inmaterial. La mazmorra mental cuyos gatekeepers son los sistemas de producción vectorialistas, la precarización y el ciberfeudalismo.

Physical-to-Virtual Line Up

20:00 – 20:20  Kaverna [ Virtual DJ Set ] Murcia

20:20 – 20:40  BARTOLOMÉ [ Hybrid DJ Set ] Murcia

20:40 – 21:00  GUIDO [ Virtual DJ Set ] New York

21:00 – 21:20  ጠăℜልꋪ𝔲ᒪ 131181182112 [ Hybrid DJ Set ] Madrid

21:20 – 21:40  Pictureplane [ Virtual DJ Set ] New York

21:40 – 22:00  ¥€$Si PERSE [ Hybrid DJ Set ] Barcelona

22:00 – 22:20  RUI HO [ Virtual DJ Set ] Shanghai

22:20 – 22:40  julek ploski [ Virtual DJ Set ] Warsaw

22:40 – 23:00  Golin [ Live ] Amsterdam

Virtual Exhibition Darío Alva aka @cavecanems

How to neuroXcape.
e-raving @ clubCooee

Download Club Cooee’s free app onto your mobile phone from your marketplace or open the app if you have already installed it.

This activity is part of the project Realities in Transition, co-funded by the European Union, and consists of Seconde Nature (France), L.E.V. (Spain), KONTEJNER (Croatia), Ars Electronica (Austria), Dark Euphoria (France), V2_ Lab (The Netherlands) and iMal (Belgium).

Financed by the European Union-NextGenerationEU, through the Public Aid subsidy for the promotion of the video game sector and other forms of digital creation within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Ministry of Culture.

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