Workshop / Introduction to PatchXR

December 10th
El Aulario, Matadero Madrid
Hours: two passes, at 10.30am and at 4.30pm
Duration of the workshop: 3 hours each pass
Language: English
Limited availability (10 attendants per workshop)

In the context of the exhibition Metaverses: Realities in Transition, Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) present a workshop to discover PatchWorld, the first fully-immersive musical world-builder for the metaverse, developed by multinational studio PatchXR.

In this workshop, we invite artists and musicians of all technical levels to learn the basics of this VR music tool and get started in creating their own interactive, immersive performance in VR. We will go through the PatchWorld tools and its possibilities for conceptualizing and producing a metaverse concert that brings the audience into your music, your studio, or even invites the viewer to collaborate.

PatchWorld’s modular framework enable creators to make anything from brand new musical  instruments to interactive immersive music videos, from creating a fully blown music studio or an interactive art installation to producing a publishable Techno Track reaching sound quality of major software like Reactor and Max Msp.

After a live showcase of the technology and presentation of the available tools, participants will receive a VR headset with PatchWorld installed to use during the event and will start working on their own projects together with Gad Hinkis, head of content at PatchXR.

This activity is part of the project Realities in Transition, co-funded by the European Union, and consists of Seconde Nature (France), L.E.V. (Spain), KONTEJNER (Croatia), Ars Electronica (Austria), Dark Euphoria (Francia), V2_ Lab (The Netherlands) and iMal (Belgium).

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