Annabelle Playe, multidisciplinary artist and music producer, and Alexandra Rădulescu, multimedia artist and designer with a focus on immersive and interactive experiences, come together to create KRASIS, a project whose title comes from the philosophy of E. Coccia, who used the term to defend the idea that all living species are continuously mixing and in contact with each other.

For the artists, this ‘total mixture in which all bodies occupy the same space, while still preserving their qualities and individuality’, implies a vision and desire for a hybrid contemporary world attentive to its own essence, in contrast to the fractured times we are living.

Under this conceptual framework, Annabelle Playe and Alexandra Rădulescu have created an interactive performance in which the devices and media with which each one works on stage are interconnected in their individual actions, generating a dialogue and exploration in real time between image and sound.


Teatro de la Laboral


28 April