The Laguna Boreal in Gijón’s Jardín Botánico Atlántico returns as one of L.E.V. Festival’s venues with two live shows in a new format the audience will enjoy through wireless headphones. Through a radio frequency signal, the attendees may move away from the stage up to 300 meters and keep on enjoying the sounds and the environment without losing any sound quality nor creating any negative impact on the surroundings. All of this thanks to a close collaboration with Fundación EDP, aligned with their values of environment sustainability.

Astrid Sonne, composer, producer and violist based in Copenhagen, will delight the Botánico audience with her electronic experiments that breathe side by side with baroque approaches, and improvised passages incorporated into precisely cut compositions with intuitive grace. Her latest album Outside of your lifetime consists of 10 tracks appearing like sonic spaces, where the individual can disintegrate into a sphere of keys, strings, voice and buttons.


Jardín Botánico Atlántico


30 April