One of the most special events of this year will be the closing act, on Sunday April 30 at Teatro Jovellanos. For this occasion, the festival brings back the project Dökk by Italian studio fuse*. It was part of L.E.V. Festival 2021, with the constraints imposed by the pandemic, but being one of the most outstanding audiovisual performances of the last years, we want it to be able to reach a wider audience this time. 

This live-media performance takes us to a journey to the subconscious, the emotions and the unpredictability of the human being, combining live dance with a data system able to perform a real time analysis on aspects such as sound, the movements of the performer o her heartbeats, to interpret and project them on stage, transformed into digital landscapes and 3D objects. A space where each gesture has a direct consequence, in a continuous search for balance between light and darkness.


Teatro Jovellanos


30 April