Together with LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, with the support of the European project RIT (Realities in Transition), the Embassy of Canada in Spain and the Québec Office in Barcelona. L.E.V. Festival presents the installation OPTX.drips by Canadian artist Maxime Corbeil-Perron, whose practice unfolds in a multiplicity of mediums, from performance and experimental cinema to electroacoustic composition and sound art.

In OPTX.drips, a double-screen audiovisual installation, he creates a media archeological work, taking elements and textures from the now obsolete anaglyph stereoscopic technology, the same used by outdated 3D red/cyan glasses, and revisiting it using current digital technology to explore all its possibilities, transforming flat projection surfaces into optical membranes that are rich in relief and depth, articulated through an abstract and expressive aesthetic.


LABoral Centro de Arte.
Laboratorio de Sonido


27-30 April


Thursday 10:00–19:00 h.
Friday 10:00–20:30 h.
Saturday & Sunday 12:00–19:00 h.