Aïsha Devi

_Ch/Np [Houndstooth]

Aïsha Devi headlines the L.E.V. Festival program at Teatro de la Laboral with a live performance around her latest and long-awaited album Death is Home (Houndstooth, 2023), her most personal and revealing to date. 

Result of her evolution as an artist and inspired by her own battles, this work of the Swiss-Nepalese producer and vocalist develops her characteristic Aetherave sound to transport listeners to a dizzying and kinetic environment, in which she resignifies anachronistic cultural prejudices with her contemporary, ornamental language and eerie architecture. 

A powerful and transformative manifesto with influences from shamanism, physics, Vedic scriptures and ancestral wisdom, where she unravels the dogma of life in the face of death.


Teatro de la Laboral


Friday 3 May