Myriam Bleau & Nien Tzu Weng. Second Self(World Premiere)


L.E.V. Festival presents the world premiere of the new work by Quebec digital artist Myriam Bleau, Second Self, a performance created with Taiwanese-Canadian choreographer Nien Tzu Weng.

Through different scenes, using movement, sound and video, the artists explore the symbol of the mirror, social dynamics and the myth of Narcissus and Echo, carrying LED touch pads over their bodies as if they were small prosthesis, interacting with the visual and sonic elements of the performance.

The final stage of this project will be developed in an artistic residency during the days prior to the festival, in collaboration with the Québec Bureau in Barcelona, Teatro de la Laboral and El Palacio. Residencias Artísticas y Acción Cultural, the new municipal space dedicated to artistic creation and managed by Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular de Gijón.


Teatro de la Laboral


Saturday 4 May


Nien Tzu Weng: choreography, concept, performance
Myriam Bleau: programming, music, video, concept, performance
Max D. : electronic design, fabrication
Marie Audrey Jacques: costumes / prototype velcro suits
Martin Marier: fabrication
Mark Lowe: fabrication

Videography: Tanja Busking

This project was made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and Recto-Verso Productions.