Sin Maldita & Lei. Aelcrush av

_De/Fr  [Hyperdub, Unguarded]

The audiovisual project Aelcrush, a collaboration between Berlin-based artist and music producer Sin Maldita and French multimedia artist Lei, deals with topics such as escapism and emotional exhaustion, halfway between the turmoil of an audiovisual club and ravishing beauty.

Taking inspiration from both fantasy worlds and dire realities, Sin Maldita and lei aim not to present an apocalyptic vision, but one populated by seismic emotion and tumult, introspection and reflection, both sonically and visually.

A devastating and emotionally evocative work, which intertwines hybrid club music with experimental pop, generating an experiential whirlpool of worlds of sound in their live shows.


Nave. LABoral Centro de Arte


Saturday 4 May