Augmented Reality Experience

Arenas Movedizas presents the augmented reality experience Slow Walker, created by Swedish artist, director and writer Peder Bjurman. In it, a microscopic tardigrade appears as a gigantic being, visible through the screen of your mobile device, taking over the public space of Gijón.

Tardigrades are living organisms capable of resisting extreme temperatures of cold and heat. They survive in space and can remain frozen for thirty years, resist vacuum and even radiation. However, they are very sensitive to climate change and are threatened by rising temperatures in their natural habitats, wetlands and mosses. They are resilient fighters in a microscopic format.

This fascinating, monumental and, at the same time, ephemeral creature is shown in this experience as a mystical and symbolic being that floats between life and death, as a colossal geo-located AR sculpture that slowly moves through the city, grazing and interacting with the public as it approaches. All this, accompanied by a soundtrack created by Abul Mogard and a voice-over narration, immerses us fully in the experience.


Escuela de Comercio
and Plaza del Parchís


From 2 to 19 May




Duration: 20 minutes

*To enjoy the piece, you will need to download the free Promenad app, available for Android and Iphone, and use your headphones.

Concept, text and direction: Peder Bjurman
Music: Abul Mogard
Voice-over: Fany Álvarez
Developed by: DVA Creative Technology Studio
Produced by: FMR Produktion
Thanks to Ingemar Jönsson / University of Kristianstad
Supported by the Swedish Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants committee
First presented at the Otherworldly festival in Uppsala Sweden, November 2023.

Activity organised by Arenas Movedizas in synergy with L.E.V. Festival, in a collaboration with RIT (Realities in Transition)

With the strategic support of the General Directorate for Innovation of Gijón, which reports to the Deputy Mayor’s Office and the Department of Economy, Employment, Tourism and Innovation.