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To bring the 2024 festival to a close, L.E.V. Festival comes back to the Boreal Lagoon of the Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón, on Sunday 5 May, with a live matinee featuring two avant-garde electronic creators, Scanner and Sophia Loizou. An experience which may be enjoyed through wireless headphones, so that listeners will be able to move freely around the unique environment of this location, while reducing the environmental impact of the event.

Sophia Loizou, British musical producer, composer and audiovisual artist, works in the crossroads of contemporary music, speculative fiction and ecology. She will showcase Vesta, an immersive work about the hidden dimensions of sound. Using field and archive recordings of submerged, seismic and electromagnetic frequencies, Loizou puts the spotlight on sonic footprints and the spectral shadows inhabiting the limits of perception. This piece, featured in binaural format, creates an immersive sound experience which invites us to expand our listening practices beyond human limits.


Laguna Boreal.
Jardín Botánico Atlántico


Sunday 5 May