SYNSPECIES Asbu (World Premiere)


The project SYNSPECIES, formed by Elias Merino and Tadej Droljc, brings us the world premiere of Asbu, a fictional, symbolic audiovisual narrative about the genesis of SYNSPECIES universe.

Whereas their firsts works showed us the violent ecosystem of these audiovisual entities, Asbu takes us back in time and presents to us the creation of this unique world through a cosmogonic myth. This journey describes the beginning of all things, from the emergence of the void’s elementary forces, to the ritual of the universe’s shaping, and the birth of the first objects. It explores concepts and topics such as speculative fiction, the weird, superstitions, a particular view of cyberspace, the sublime, harsh realities of nature’s workings, Object Oriented Ontology, dream visions, and myths and folktales.


Teatro de la Laboral


Saturday 4 May


Concept: Synspecies
Music: Elias Merino
Visuals: Tadej Droljc

Co-produced by L.E.V. Festival, INDEX Biennale, WeSa Festival, SnaporazVerein, and NODE Festival in a collaboration with Basemental, this project is supported by the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists (EFFEA), a platform created by the European Festivals Association (EFA), co-funded by the European Union.

Technical partners: Projekt Atol Institute, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory