About the third L.E.V. Matadero, Festival of visual electronica and immersive experiences

The third L.E.V. Matadero, Festival of Visual Electronica and Immersive Experiences, took place between September 23-26. It was produced by Matadero Madrid, with the collaboration of Matadero’s Cineteca Madrid and Naves del Español, and directed by Datatrón platform.

In the course of four days, the festival offered eight double sessions of live music shows and performances, ten virtual reality experiences, four wide-format audiovisual installations, and one free-entrance, open-space augmented reality experience at Matadero Madrid. Besides, throughout the whole Saturday, and thanks to a collaboration with Medialab, the festival brought together a long list of artists and collectives to put into practice the creative possibilites of augmented reality, and to share their current projects in this field.

Madrid audiences warmly welcomed this year’s programme: all tickets for live shows and VORTEX section virtual reality shows were sold out, as well as the tickets for the installations showed on the weekend. The augmented reality show Fauna, by creative French duo Adrien M & Claire B and the collective of designers Brest Brest Brest, will remain active until January 6 2022. An activity for all ages, featuring some magical beings which will come to life in the screen of our smartphone, using a mobile app.

The festival also boasted a groundbreaking official image, collaborating with 3D artist Lola Zoido to create a filter in augmented reality, which was included in the poster for L.E.V. Matadero 2021, and now it is available for all the followers of L.E.V.’s Instagram.

These are the artists and collectives that collaborated with this year’s Festival: Lee Gamble & Clifford Sage (Uk), Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone (De/It), Scanner (Uk), Grischa Lichtenberger (De), Cruhda + Judith Adataberna (Es), Varg²™️ & Croatian Amor (Se/Dk), Ivankova + Álvaro Chior (Es), Bromo (Es), Martin Messier (Ca), Tundra (Ru), Adrien M & Claire B (Fr), Total Refusal (At), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (Dk), D-Fuse (Uk), Jeanne Susplugas (Fr), Lauren Moffatt (Au), Francois Vautier (Fr), Shoeg (Es), Hyphen-Labs (Uk), Fabito Rychter & Amir Admoni (Pe/Br), Boris Labbé (Fr), Adrien M & Claire B x Brest Brest Brest (Fr).

Arranged by: Matadero Madrid
A collaboration with: Cineteca Madrid and Naves del Español at Matadero
Managed by: L.E.V.

Supported by: Goethe Institut, Embassy of Canada in Spain, Québec Office in Barcelona, Austrian Cultural Forum, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, EMAP – European Media Art Platform (co-founded by Creative Europe)
Associated media: Radio 3, Metal Magazine, NEO 2

Picture by: Estudio Perplejo / Lukasz Michalak

Video: Mind The Film