Open Studio / Ways of InteXRaction: a meeting point for virtual and extended reality art projects in the third L.E.V. Matadero

Last September 25, as part of the third L.E.V. Matadero, Open Studio: Ways of InteXRaction took place in the Taller space at Matadero, in a collaboration with Medialab. The event aimed to attract the local community of artists and development teams around the technologies related to projects of extended reality.

The session showcased a series of projects, studies and efforts about the development of interaction in virtual environments. The attendees had an artistic/technologic profile, but there were also people from the fields of communication, theatre production or design.

Projects as the ones created by Eduardo Moriana, Lauren Moffat, or teams Cuarta Pared and Chordata were more focused on finding technical solutions to problems associated with exploring environments of virtual and extended reality, while presentations such as Ciudad Bailar by Masimiliano Cassu and collectives D-Fuse and Creative Harmonies shared their thoughts about how we interact with technological media in general, in different contexts of extended reality. A special mention to the presentation by fashion designer Eva Iszoro, who shared her extensive expertise and wonderful work, from the development of pattern making Accidental Cutting to her recent virtual runways for the prestigious London Design Week.

The event was closed sharing reflections about the current state of the local community of creators in XR environments, and the possible synergies born out of the different experiences shared by all the attendees. These kinds of initiatives confirm the need of ambitious, transversal, and open to experimentation projects such as Planet LEV Matadero, created by L.E.V. and the center of contemporary creations Matadero in 2020.

L.E.V. Matadero

Festival of Visual Electronica and Immersive Experiences
September 23-26 2021

Arranged by: Matadero Madrid
A collaboration with: Cineteca Madrid and Naves del Español at Matadero
Managed by: L.E.V.

Supported by: Goethe Institut, Embassy of Canada in Spain, Québec Office in Barcelona, Austrian Cultural Forum, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, EMAP – European Media Art Platform (co-founded by Creative Europe)

Associated media: Radio 3, Metal Magazine, NEO 2

Video: Mind The Film