L.E.V. Latest additions

After announcing a schedule full of activities, L.E.V. closes its bill with the addition of LOST IN TIME, a film by Canadian director Patrick Bernatchez with a Murcof soundtrack based on a highly processed take on Bach’s Goldberg Variations, the premiere of Balago’s highly awaited new work, a Jägermusic showcase focused on supporting Spanish music creations featuring The Suicide of Western Culture and Cicada, and the collaborations of visual artists Gnomalab and Jimmy Lakatos with Lusine and Claro Intelecto, respectively.

L.E.V., a project co-produced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, Gijón’s Town Council, LABoral Centro de Arte and Datatrón Collective, keeps on searching the evolution of new audiovisual languages. From April 26 to 29, the Festival will feature a lineup full of daring and innovative international acts that aim to go beyond classic formats within the fields of sound and vision creations.


L.E.V. presents, in collaboration with Gijón/Xixón International Film Festival, Lost in Time by Patrick Bernatchez

In Lost in Time, two parallel narratives intertwine: the first follows a helmet- clad, faceless horse and rider adrift in an indeterminate landscape of ice and snow, quite literally lost in time and space, while the second seems to allude to a strange scientific experiment.

Lost in Time plunges us into perpetual renewal, each ending leading to a new beginning. The protagonists – two beings bound by a certain mutual dependence – are forever trapped in a time loop where life and death ceaselessly rotate.

The use of colour film stock to capture what are almost exclusively black figures against white landscapes produces a menacing, otherworldly atmosphere that is also stunningly beautiful.

The original soundtrack of the film, produced in collaboration with Mexican musician Murcof, blends the aria of the Goldberg Variations sung by Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal with a composition by Murcof.


Five years after Darder and seventeen since his debut, Balago starts from scratch again. More alone and isolated from his music surroundings than ever, although this must be seen as something positive and inspiring, David Crespo, with the invaluable help of his inseparable companion Guim Serradesanferm, offers us in El demà a complete rethinking of his ideas, culminating in his most imaginative, lucid and dazzling recording yet. Leaving false steps behind, accurate as a sniper, moving to the point of tears, the album features all the most recognizable elements in balago’s universe –an ambient starting point, the combination of electronic programming and an analogue obsession, flashes of ravishing melancholy, a strong influence of science-fiction, religion and philosophy…-, from a serious, deep and specially inspired point of view, as if Crespo had found that creative excitement which is essential to redefine the course of his band.

Jägermusic Showcase

For the third year around, this collaboration between Jägermeister and L.E.V. Festival brings us a Jägermusic showcase dedicated to support new Spanish musical talents. This year’s lineup is formed by THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE, representing Jägermeister’s musical programme, and CICADA, chosen by the Festival.


In the showcase that will take place on Sunday April 28, THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE, which have become one of the most important names in Spanish electronica in their own right, will play an exclusive show at L.E.V. Festival remembering their first two albums.

There is every indication that CICADA will be one of the revelations of this season: their unusual line-up combines classical instruments with synthesizers, and they have connections with some key names in the scene: their members have been played live with Pablo Und Destruktion, and their album has been mixed by Óscar Mulero, some hints of what is to come.


Gnomalab began his journey in the audiovisual world at the end of the nineties, a scene which has grown up and reinvented itself in a very intense way, where Juanjo has pursued a career full of projects and collaborations with many different artists.

During the last years he has focused on researching and producing new formats, as video mapping, while balancing this activity with his teaching assignments. But from 2017 on, he decided to resume his work as VJ, and to start various riskier, more experimental projects, such as his works with Loppkio or Pina.

For his collaboration with Lusine, at the request of L.E.V. Festival, Gnomalab will develop his particular vision of Sensorimotor, a brighter and more colorful performance than his usual work, but not less experimental, that marks the triumphant comeback of one of the greatest names in the audiovisual scene.

Jimmy Lakatos

Jimmy Lakatos started out in Montréal working with video in public spaces and early raves, and has developed a reputation for impressive analog light shows and minimalist video projections. He has worked professionally for Cirque du Soleil and has been a long-time video-scenographer for MUTEK.

His work will be the perfect companion to Claro Intelecto’s live act.

XII Festival Internacional de Creación Audiovisual de Gijón

Atom Tm “Deep State” live a/v (world premiere) + “Ground Loop” [raster-media, De]
Hiroaki Umeda “Intensional Particle” [Jp]
Loscil live a/v [Kranky, Ca]
Martin Messier & Yro “Ashes” (world premiere) [Ca/Fr]
Electric Indigo “5 1 1 5 9 3” live a/v in surround sound (world premiere) [Imbalance Computer Music, At]
Zombie Zombie [Versatile, Fr]
Lusine [Ghostly International, US]
Claro Intelecto [Delsin Records, Uk]
Murcof “Lost In Time” [Infiné, Leaf, Mx]
Rabit live a/v (w CECILIA) “Les Fleurs Du Mal” [Halcyon Veil, US/Fr]
Lotic [Tri Angle, Us/De]
Lucrecia Dalt [RVNG Intl, Co/De]
Moritz Simon Geist “Tripods One” [De] + RBMA Studio Science
Michela Pelusio “Spacetime Helix” [It]
MimiCof [Alien Transistor, Jp]
Zan Lyons live a/v (world premiere) [Uk]
Schnitt “Memory Code” Live a/v [Sync, It]
NSDOS [Upton Park, Fr]
Schwefelgelb live a/v [EBM Fleisch, De]
Balago (world premiere) [Foehn, Sp]
Okkre “Arkhé” (world premiere) [Sp]
Jessica Moss [Constellation Records, Ca]
Norwell [Pinkman, Hu]
Enrique Tomás “A Moment of Transition” [Sp]
Jimmy Lakatos [Ca]
Gnomalab [Sp]

Jägermusic Showcase

The Suicide of Western Culture  [El Segell, Es]
Cicada [Framily, Es]


Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos “Nebula” (world premiere) [Mx/Ca]
Children of The Light “Diapositive 1.2” [NL]
Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc “Synspecies” (world premiere) [Sp/Si]


Lost in Time”. Patrick Bernatchez [Ca]

Closing Party

Convextion live [A.R.T.Less, US]
Komatssu [Es]