L.E.V. extends its 2019 Edition to Matadero Madrid

L.E.V. Festival will host its thirteenth edition in Gijón between May 2 and May 5, and will premiere its groundbreaking schedule at the Madrid Center of Contemporary Creations between October 17 and October 20

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual will host L.E.V. 2019 Festival in Gijón and Madrid. L.E.V. Festival’s thirteenth edition at the Asturian town will be held between May 2 and May 5, and its premiere in Matadero Madrid will take place between October 17 and October 20. Besides, the platform specialized in electronic sound creations and its connections with visual arts will enhance its activities with specific, offshore schedules called LEVents.

This expansion of L.E.V. Festival at Matadero Madrid will not only continue focusing on premieres of unique audiovisual performances, shows, live acts, installations, showcases and artistic residences. At Matadero Madrid, the Festival will also open its doors to immersive experiences linked to virtual reality, surround sound experiences, new narratives and formats born out of the crossover of these contemporary languages.

L.E.V. Festival will host its own laboratory of experimentation, innovation and discovery at Matadero Madrid during four days. The audience will gain access to a circuit of unique experiences, getting exposed to the most experimental audiovisual creations of today.

But before launching L.E.V. Festival’s first edition at Matadero Madrid, the platform will host a new edition in Gijón, in different spaces of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura Building and the town, a schedule that will be coproduced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the Town Council of Gijón, LABoral Centro de Arte and Datatrón Collective.

Additionally, LEVents will follow the trail of L.E.V. Festival to offer a panoramic, eclectic vision of the current state of creation and all its connections in a constantly changing environment. An example of this focus on international artists that work at the forefront of audiovisual creativity is LEV’s recent involvement in Oviedo’s Noche Blanca, with the Spanish premiere of Archifon VI, a work by Czech artists Tomáš Dvořák, Dan Gregor and Ondřej Průcha at San Juan El Real’s Basilica, and the performance People Like Us. 25th year’s anniversary by British artist Vicki Bennett.


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