Workshop: There is life in other worlds (virtual)

In 2020, Matadero Madrid, in collaboration with Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual L.E.V., introduced Planet LEV Matadero, an immersive environment created by Children of Cyberspace, a group of artists and developers.

Planet LEV is a newly created artistic experience, available both in virtual reality and for web browsers. A dreamlike universe that hosts animated sculptures, sound installations, concerts and audiovisual live shows by artists from all over the world. Created by Children of Cyberspace, curated by L.E.V. and produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V, the project Planet LEV was born during lockdown in order to turn these challenging times for culture into a chance to experiment with new formats.

Now, on the occasion of Madrid Design Festival, Matadero Madrid and DiMAD organize the activity “There’s life in other (virtual) worlds”, including public online conferences, two intensive workshops to create virtual environments, intended for students of design, architecture and fashion, and a streaming presentation of results.

The project will have a public online opening formed by two conferences, at and LEV

Tuesday 16.02.2021 / 17:00h

One of them will be ‘Planet LEV. Making of’, where Children of Cyberspace will talk about the otherworldly experience Planet LEV. Revealing the process and methodology behind the design of the environment and its inhabitants, they will present how this Planet and its ecosystem came about and the series of creatures alive on the planet, unraveling the reasoning behind their anatomy as well as their inspirations.

Children of Cyberspace (CC) is a techno-utopian universe composed of architects, programmers, graphic designers and game developers strive to create creative realms for artists to express themselves freely.

Tuesday 16.02.2021 / 19:00h

The other one will be hosted by digital artist Claudia Rafael. In her presentation “Beauty in techno-expressive times”, she will discuss an emancipatory use of digital tools like AR that can transcend prevailing social norms on beauty through offering alternative possibilities of (self)imagination to everyone – not only for the virtual but ultimately in the physical world.

Claudia Rafael is a Digital Artist and Art Director. Her work focuses on issues of technology, extended and mixed realities. Rafael is interested in investigating how, “digitalism forms new aesthetics” related to nature, art and popular culture.