Bvdub Live



bvdub is Brock Van Wey, a San Francisco native. Devoting his life to the SF rave scene in the late ’80s, he began to DJ and promote his own ambient and deep house events in 1991, rising ten years before a self-imposed exile to China in 2001 to escape a decaying scene he could no longer accept. First surfacing in 2006, his trademark unabashedly emotional sound spread quickly throughout the world, leading what would become a new wave of open expression and raw emotion in ambient and ambient techno unafraid to speak from the heart.

Well over a decade later, more than thirty full-length albums, twenty singles, and over thirty remixes and guest appearances span thirty-eight labels on four continents, not including his work under his other two guises, Earth House Hold and East of Oceans.

The escape continues… as does the search. Over thirty years since the journey began, his promise to electronic music – and his obsession with testing its emotional depths – pushes on stronger than ever.



Plaza Matadero

Sunday 20

Session 3

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