Kamikaze Space Programme + Geso Live Av

Kamikaze Space Programme + Geso Live Av

Osiris Music. UK / Es

Dead Skin Cells is the long-awaited debut album from Berlin-based electronica producer Kamikaze Space Programme, which will be presented this October in Madrid’s new event L.E.V. Festival. Premiering a brand new audiovisual show in collaboration with Madrid’s born and also Berlin-based visual artist Geso.

KSP and Geso started collaborating back in 2017, when Krake Festival commissioned them an AV live set. After the positive experience, there was a long period of brainstorming and planning, which led Geso to become officially part of Dot Product, and most recently to the release of the music video Sparks, a collaboration that sets up the aesthetic spectrum where both will lead the audience in their upcoming live shows.

For those who followed the career of Christopher Jarman along his different alias (Kamikaze Space Programme, Dot Product, Raiden), they have to wait until this year to see the first full album of Kamikaze Space Programme come out (Osiris Music). Dead Skin Cells is the sound of eight years of the acclaimed project reaching its zenith. This bold new record mirrors decay of the physical world and the human form through its jarring sound palette and tense atmospheres.

On the visual side, Geso captures that decay and brings it to his territory, where glitches, noise and abstract 3D pieces collide, putting in practice his personal research over the last years on visualizing sound in order to create synesthesic experiences. This concert also means the re-encounter of Pablo Iglesias (Geso) with Madrid’s scene, offering a chance to present back home what is now his career in Berlin.



Cineteca (Plató)