Spime.IM: Exaland Live Av


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“EXALAND” is an A/V performance that uses Remidi “wearable controllers” for interaction with sound and images, through an onscreen Audioreactive Video Projection and an Audioreactive Video in VR/360° mode on the public’s mobile devices.

Spime.im is an artistic collective that aim to investigate, through transmedia projects, the aesthetics and the languages derived from the affirmation of digital reality.

Spime.im use technology, 3D art and electronic music to weave immersive audio-video experiences, which explore the boundaries of identity, corporeity and perception, in a world where our virtual doppelgänger takes on an increasingly intense position, protagonist and all-encompassing.

Spime.Im was born as a word pun between the concept theorized by Bruce Sterling – the Spime for the note, an object that can be traced through space and time for the duration of its existance – and the contraction of English “I am”.

If the Being is therefore the Object of the intertwining between the real and the virtual, then it becomes possibile to create new imaginaries that turn into immersive environments and narrative spaces in wich artificial and natural, science and humanity, imagination and reality interpenatrate, giving life to new boundaries to be explored, to experience the own consciousness and what, while invisible to our eyes, surrounds and influences us.



Nave 16

Saturday 19

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