The Glad Scientist Vr Performance

The Glad Scientist Vr Performance

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The Glad Scientist (Daniel Sabio) is a world-leading live virtual reality musician.

His igniting audiovisual performances combine his talents as an interactive installation artist, computer programmer, VJ, and sound designer into an eclectic display of skill and improvised drama, where audio and visual elements are controlled at once from a lone instrument: a VR headset.

With roots in music studies in Ghana, Turkey, and Brazil (and a deep curiosity in meme and otaku cultures), his sound is elusive and fleeting. Its constant evolution teeters between dark dancefloor, broken game console, and a horror film’s airport lobby, with emerging technology infusing intentional errors, glitches, and twists at every fork in the road.

His work has quickly garnered international attention, from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) to Bass Coast Festival to SXSW, placing him in diverse shows alongside Michio Kaku, Waka Flocka, and Molly Soda, among many others. As his art practice continues to explore more complex themes (his latest fetish being quantum simultaneous existence for humans), he has started to dive deeper into a renewed sense of vulnerability.

At LEV Festival, he will premiere his latest audiovisual offspring entitled Intersect. Intersect takes the perspective of nanobot insects as they traverse time and space between entangled humans’ neural connections. From disparate times and locations, interactions between the humans’ imaginations create errors in the insects’ processing of their duties, creating false memories and intersecting realities for its hosts, and inherently, for the audience at large.



Cineteca (Plató)


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