Hayoun Kwon

Hayoun Kwon

Inspired by the famous Dream of journey to peach blossom land by Korean painter An Gyeon (1350–1447), Peach Garden offers a free wandering in a beautiful and surreal garden where the laws of nature are completely disrupted.

Peach Garden is a sensory journey, with no real beginning, middle or end, where the spectator is dazzled at every turn and is able to create his own dialogue with an amazing environment. In a world where we are constantly running after time, after a goal, it’s an invitation to wander, and to enjoy “simply being present”.

Hayoun Kwon

Hayoun Kwon is a Korean multimedia artist, co-founder of Innerspace VR studio. She develops her work around narration and construction of the individual and collective memory. Exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies to play with the confusion between real memories and dreamed actions, between faithful testimony and fantasized interpretation, she questions what is transmitted, what makes a trace or sinks into oblivion. Her work has been shown at Cinéma du Réel festival (Centre Pompidou/Paris) and Doc Fortnight (MoMA/New York).

Her last two interactive installations L’Oiseleuse/The Bird Trapper and Le voyage intérieur de Gauguin/Gauguin’s Inner Journey were presented in Paris (2017), respectively at the Palais de Tokyo and the RMN Grand Palais.


Director: Hayoun Kwon
Producers: Balthazar Auxietre / Richard Turco
Production company: Innerspace
International distribution: Diversion cinema
Project’s average runtime: 20mn (Min.10mn, max. 20mn)
Year of Production: 2019
Country of Production: France, South Korea
Format: Large scale free roaming experience

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13.

Please arrive ten minutes in advance.