Elías Merino & Sergio Millán: Heterotopies

Elías Merino & Sergio Millán

Heterotopies is the first collaborative project by Elías Merino y Sergio Millán: a three-dimensional abstract space conformed by generative colossal audiovisual structures.

In Heterotopies, visuals and music are subjected to different processes: in the first process (hidden for the public) a computer vision system analyses and interprets the activity from the internet browser. AI uses shapes, color and movement to map and create the appearance, colour and texture of the three-dimensional sonic and visual topologies. In the second process, these structures are reconstructed, relocated, and their AV behaviour in space-time is guided by a realtime generative shading system.

The result is an experience of infinite potential realities. A synthetic audiovisual space for refugees from the real world.

Elías Merino

Elías Merino is a Spanish composer, sonic artist, researcher and multidisciplinary practitioner. His recent and ongoing projects are included in a certain range of different aesthetics within installation, composition and exploratory digital sound, that Elías develops under different monikers. From algorithmic abstract computer music, to contemporary unusual electronics and instrumental music. Elías Merino is one half of the audiovisual duo SYNSPECIES.

His work has been exhibited, performed and diffused across the US, UK, Spain, France, Czech Republic, South America, Romania, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Finland or The Netherlands. He has performed in festivals and venues such L.E.V. Festival, Semibreve, Cafe OTO, Lunchmeat Festival, Sonica, MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art Rumania, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MCARS, or Philharmonie de Paris among others. His recorded albums have been released in different labels including leerraum, Superpang or Room40 among others.

Elías is part of ENCAC (European Network for Contemporary AV Creation) artist roster, and his work is supported by Arcadi Île-de- France. Elías Merino holds a Masters Degree in sonic arts and PhD in composition at CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Music)

Sergio Millán

Sergio Millan is a graphic designer by default, DIY guerrilla fighter, synth developer and, occasionally, visual artist. Coming from an interaction design background, he has spent the last years researching different approaches in visual creative coding with various programming languages: from websites to interactive glitch applications, or GLSL Shaders.

He is a founder member of T37, a hackspace that hosts synth DIY workshops in Madrid. As a collective, they design DIY Eurorack module kits for workshops. They have given workshops in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Berlin. Sergio has also taken part in several installation works with Jae Ho Youn at Galeria Labyrinth (Poland), with Guillem Bayo and Luix Bot in Automaticas at MedialabPrado (Spain) , to name a few.

The Installation Circuit may be visited online: planet.levfestival.com or using Virtual Reality glasses at Plató de Cineteca.

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