Fasenuova + Marta Verde

Saturday 24, 9 pm.
Teatro Jovellanos

Fasenuova presents in this double session at Teatro Jovellanos, a live show with visuals by Marta Verde in which they will present, after five years of editorial silence, new, forceful and sharp sounds like their latest single Arma: an almost teenage-like song of urgency, a cry to the dizzying life of our time, a warning as you keep moving forward without looking back.

Fasenuova, on the other side of a pandemic that has turned the world upside down, seem to be kicking the fictitious division between real life and virtual life, that is now more tangible and material than ever. In a certain way, the band is premiering: we do not know this kind of rhythmic elements in Fasenuova. The 606 or the MPC that they have used so much is not there; nor does Roberto appear to be climbing the MS20 keyboard. Other timbres, other synthesizers, fight with Ernesto’s voice.


“We began to get to know each other in the language of drum machines and synthesizers, which we tamed with screams and howls.” This is how Ernesto Avelino and Roberto Lobo describe the intense mental and sensory connection that, from their native Mieres (Asturias), has prompted them to develop one of the most fiercely personal and inimitable sound trajectories that electronic music in this country has seen. A story that started in the mid-80s with Hegemonía, passed through Goodbye in the 90s and ended in 2006 with Fasenuova, their current project.

From their first album in collaboration with Angel Dust and published by historic Ozono Kids label, to their masterpiece Aullidos Metálicos, Fasenuova have always respected an essential condition: the music must always be entirely theirs. Their main reference is their own music and its rules, which they have created themselves, away from the tribe. This is how A La Quinta Hoguera (Discos Humeantes 2011) and Salsa de Cuervo (Discos Humeantes 2013) were created, this is Aullidos Metálicos (Humo 2016), and this is how everything this extraordinary creature does will be.


The artistic practice of visual artist and digital creator Marta Verde explores the indeterministic nature in the relationship of the organic and the electronic in the visible field through the use of noise, repetition and digital processing of analog images in real time. Her work is materialized in multimedia and light installations, and in the form of collaborations with musicians or dancers; applying different techniques such as the development of her own software or the construction of new devices through digital and/or electronic manufacturing.