Barker & Reza Hasni

Saturday, April 30
Nave / LABoral Centro de Arte

LABoral Centro de Arte will host an audiovisual live show by the musician, DJ and co-founder of Leisure System Barker and the Singaporean audiovisual artist and illustrator Reza Hasni. Both based in Berlin, they will present at L.E.V. Festival a performance of unique visual patterns and colorful psychedelic illustrations that are tucked in hyper-realistic subterranean landscapes, accompanied by sounds of dance music combined with bass music tropes, breakbeat, dub and ambient elements.

This performance documents the processes where our minds and our machines undergo a breakdown, and throttles into a breakthrough. As every limit is pushed, systems crash and re-build. The visual landscape created by Barker and Reza Hasni captures that blend of rebirth, positivity and creativity.