Playmodes: FORMS – String Quartet

Saturday, April 30
Teatro de la Laboral

FORMS – String Quartet by the audiovisual research studio Playmodes is a live multimedia performance for string quartet, electronic music and panoramic visuals, based on the concept of “graphic sonification”.

The musicians interpret a series of graphic scores that in turn build up the visual scenography, offering the audience the experience of being able to anticipate the “music to come”. These scores, together with the spectrograms that make up the electronic accompaniment of the piece, have been previously created using generative graphics algorithms.

The project comes from rigorous research in the fields of image sonification, algorithmic composition, generative art and graphic notation. This research has been supported by the Departments of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Generalitat Valenciana; and by the Ramon Llull Institute + Hangar + New Art Foundation; it has received international recognition from institutions such as the University of Georgia (US), See This Sound (UK), SIIDS (Portugal) or the Creative Applications Network; and has been awarded the highest marks as a university research project in musical composition and new technologies (UNIR).

On this occasion, the piece will be performed by Ensemble 4.70, a group of musicians linked to Kras Klásika, an enlightening project promoted by Enrique Valcarce that includes a radio show (105 fm Gijón) and the organization of commented concerts in all kinds of venues under the motto “Be a rebel, listen to classical music”.

Created by: Playmodes Studio
Visual music composition: Santiago Vilanova
Performers: Ensemble 4.70