Martin Messier: Echo Chamber

Friday, April 29
Teatro de la Laboral

Canadian artist Martin Messier, who has played in previous L.E.V. Festivals, always amazes us with the mise-en-scene of his performances, where he brings to life everyday objects, made-up machines and bodies in motion. Every new project by Messier pushes us to be forward looking, transcending the use of everyday things around us and reinventing their reason for being.

At L.E.V. 2022, Martin Messier comes back to showcase his newest project, Echo Chamber, inspired by the ultrasound machine, with which he asks himself a question: How can we see the invisible? He probes beneath the surface of the tangible in order to map our subconscious, like ultrasound images do.

The echo chamber rumbles, vibrates and pulsates. Membranes, needles, sensors… All elements take us into a fantasized laboratory where sound and light shape the imagery of our psyche. And Martin Messler becomes the operator of this laboratory, making these otherwise inaudible and invisible flows materialize and become perceptible for the spectator.

Concept, audiovisual composition, programming and performance: Martin Messier
Hardware Design: Maxime Damecour, Robocut, Martin Messier
Technicians: Francis Vaillancourt-Martin, Gabriel Duquette, Pierre-Antoine Poirier Guay, Jean-François Piché, Alice Germain, Francis-Olivier Métras
Creative advisors: Olivier Girouard, Thomas Payette, Patrick Lamothe, Briana Lombardo
Production: 14 lieux