Beatrix Weapons ft Ruido.Frio

Beatrix Weapons has become one of the sharpest names on the avant-garde music circuit in Spain. Experimental music producer, thinker and visual artist, her sound universe is immersed in deconstructed IDM and digital frequencies with the intention of building textures through her sets. She has made her mark on reputable international labels such as Infinito Audio, Promesses and most recently on the Berlin based Soul Feeder. A multidisciplinary and disruptive project that seeks a celestial vision through the distortion of darkness, that arrives at L.E.V. Matadero as an audiovisual performance with the collaboration of the 3d artist ruido.frio.

*This session of live shows also includes performances by CoH meets Abul Mogard, Joakim and Konx-om-Pax.


Central de Diseño. DIMAD


22 September


20:30 – 01:00*