Joakim Second Nature

Second Nature is a project about our relationship with nature. How do we perceive and represent it in the Western world? Why did it detach from us and from culture? How can we create a new relationship with it in this era of major environmental challenges? It took Parisian artist Joakim five years to complete this album, mainly due to the extensive compilation of all the field recordings that inhabit this enveloping work of fauna and flora, in which he also returns to his roots of IDM, classical music, avant-garde pop and ambient. A psychedelic journey in a modern Noah’s ark where a 3D soundscape, multiple videos, smells, and a vegetal set up blend together, blurring the line between the natural and the artificial.

*This session of live shows also includes performances by CoH meets Abul Mogard, Konx-om-Pax and Beatrix Weapons.


Central de Diseño. DIMAD


22 September


20:30 – 01:00*