New names for 13th L.E.V. Festival 2019

The second preview of L.E.V. 2019’s line-up, a Festival which will take place on May 2-5 in Gijón, includes exciting news as the European premiere of Refik Anadol’s Melting Memories: Engram as data sculpture; or Ballistics by Myriam Bleau (Canada), who will join the bill at Teatro de La Laboral as part of a solid Focus Quebec, plus a large and eclectic selection of acts that will add to the ones previously announced by Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual.

These are the new additions to the bill:

Refik Anadol / Espacio EDP – Iglesia de la Laboral

Thanks to a close collaboration with EDP Foundation, L.E.V. Festival comes back to Iglesia de la Laboral with Melting Memories: Engram as data sculpture by Refik Anadol. This spectacular installation will be shown for the first time in Spain at Espacio EDP – Iglesia de La Laboral, and it is an exciting project about the materiality and representation of memories, a perfect dialogue among science, arts and technology.

Refik Anadol, a Los Angeles-based Turk, is a brilliant audiovisual artist that uses his projects to suggest a new aesthetic, technical and dynamic perception of space.

Mathilde Lavenne / Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto

L.E.V.’s line-up comes back to Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (CCAI). In this occasion we will showcase Tropics, a video installation by French artist Mathilde Lavenne that adopts the shape of an archeological expedition, drawing an orbit around a Mexican farm and making connections with their inhabitants and the memories of a place through a high-definition 3D scan. Thanks this project, Mathilde Lavenne obtained the renowned Golden Nica 2018 award at Ars Electrónica Festival.

Myriam Bleau /Another Spanish premiere at Teatro de La Laboral

Digital artist Myriam Bleau (Montreal) will showcase in Gijón Ballistics, her new audiovisual performance inspired by mysticism and popular science-fiction. Her works are characterized by using ingenious music interfaces, something that makes her performances unique. In this occasion, the stage features a constellation of laser-mapped, luminous spheres equipped with motion sensors, in order to perform an exercise of sonification related to pendulum physics.

Marc Meliá, Colin Self and Jailed Jamie / Saturday matinée at Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies

We come back to the location which L.E.V. regulars really loved last year. An outdoor space, perfect to enjoy a Saturday matinée. This very special venue will be shared by Marc Meliá, the inimitable Colin Self and the premiere of a new project: Jailed Jamie.

Marc Meliá, born in Majorca and established in Brussels, sculpts his sound with the help of legendary Prophet 08 synthesizer, playing live sets without using pre-recorded sequences in order to naturalize the synthetic, humanize the robotic and find sheer beauty in sounds which, by definition, are cold and emotionless.

Multifaceted artist Colin Self, born in the American West Coast but based in Berlin, updates DIY (“Do It Yourself”) philosophy to DIT (“(Let’s) Do It Together”). His collaborations with other artists are plenty and really diverse: from drag crew Chez Deep, or his queer opera, to his work with Holly Herndon, who he has toured with for years. In 2018 he released his first solo work Siblings on prestigious RVNG Intl label.

Jailed Jamie is a new and exciting project by Jaime Tellado (Skygaze), one of the most creative, rebellious minds in Spanish electronic scene. This project is mostly dance-oriented, preserving the complexity of previous compositions, their fractured rhythms and a certain degree of finesse. His first live show will be one of the most attractive moments of this new L.E.V.

Lucas Paris, Falaises and Rafael Anton Irisarri/ Afternoon show at Teatro de la Laboral’s Stage House

On Sunday afternoon, Teatro de La Laboral’s Stage House will host the audiovisual show by Lucas Paris; the Falaises project, part of Focus Quebec, and the contribution by another big name of the ambient scene: Rafael Anton Irisarri, also known as The Sight Below.

*Activity for which a specific ticket is needed.

AntiVolume IN/OUT by Lucas Paris invites us to immerse in a synaesthetic space of tones and colors: the four light columns onstage surround the audience to create a physical, texturized experience. A project which is constantly evolving, where the partially ad-lib nature of every performance turns into a unique experience.

Irisarri live shows explore the most physical aspects of sound. Combining different elements (amplifiers, multiple configurations of speakers, synthesizers, pedals…), Irisarri decontextualizes the relationship between the audience and the venue, creating an otherworldly, immersive environment.

L.E.V. Festival – Gijón, an initiative co-produced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, The Town Council of Gijón, LABoral Centro de Arte, and Datatrón Collective, keeps on tracking the evolution of new electronic and audiovisual languages on the cutting edge of digital creativity.


2 day ticket (Friday and Saturday): € 50. Pre-orders only, available HERE

Get one before they are gone!

Tickets for specific activities, like the ones scheduled for Sunday, May 5, at the Botanical Garden or the Caja Escénica at Teatro de La Laboral, will be available soon.

Updates to come!


Lanark Artefax Live A/V [Whities. UK]

Transforma “Manufactory” (w/ music by Sascha Ring) (Spanish premiere) [DE]

Gazelle Twin “Pastoral” [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. UK]

Robin Fox “Single Origin” [AU]

Caterina Barbieri w/ Ruben Spini Live A/V (Spanish premiere) [Important Records. IT]

Bliss Signal [True Panther Sounds x Profound Lore Records. UK]

Radioactive Man Live [UK]

Myriam Bleau “Ballistics” (Spanish premiere) [CA]

Overmono Live [XL / Polykicks. UK]

Rafael Anton Irisarri [US]

Klara Lewis Live A/V [Editions Mego!. SE]

Iglooghost Live A/V [Brainfeeder. UK]

Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke “Delta-T” (world premiere) [US/CA]

Broken English Club Live [L.I.E.S. UK]

Colin Self [RVNG Intl, US]

Schnitt + Gianluca Sibaldi “ScanAudience” (world premiere) [Sync. IT]

Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral “ex(O)” (world premiere) [FR/SP]

Lucas Paris “AntiVolume IN/EXT” [CA]

Marc Melià [Les Disques du Festival Permanent. SP]

Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc “Synspecies” Live A/V (world premiere) [SP/SI]

Hiro Kone Live [Dais. US]

Jailed Jamie [SP]

Falaises (Spanish premiere) [CA]


REFIK ANADOL “Melting Memories: Engram as data sculpture” / Espacio Fundación EDP – Iglesia de la Laboral [TR / US]

MATHILDE LAVENNE “Tropics” / Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto [FR]